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Azure Storage Light

The goal of this tool can easily use the Azure Blob as a file server.

1. You can access the Azure Blob via the file explorer.

2. Folder of rename and move fast because it has a flexible folder structure.

3. Backup to retain a history of each period, instead of holding the entire history.



Command option

/mode webdav(default) | backup | restore | createticket " 

/connection "azure storage connection string" 

/itemsTableName "table name for items" -- folders(default) 

/fileBlobContainer "blob container name for files" -- files(default) 

/backupBlobContainer "blob container name for backup" -- backup(default) 

/portno "port no for webdav"  /ticket "access ticket" 

/ticketspan "available hours of ticket. -- 4320(default 180 days)" 

/password "ticket password"



AzureStorageLight.exe /connection "DefaultEndpointsProtocol=https;AccountName=cloudst..."

AzureStorageLight.exe /mode backup /connection "DefaultEndpointsProtocol=https;AccountName=cloudst..." /backupBlobContainer "Default..."

/mode createticket /password passw0rd /connection "DefaultEndpointsProtocol=https;AccountName=cloudst..." 

/password passw0rd /ticket "EAAAADkNg3..."



The Azure Storage Light implementation was based on WebDAVSharp. A low cost of data changes during the movement for which creating a tree structure folder hierarchy in table storage. Usually ID of the file is managed by GUID. the files are stored is converted to the hierarchy of blob when it is backed up. Backup history is stored as snapshot of blob. It backup only the newest date and the oldest file every during a specific period.(one hour ago, one day ago, ten days ago, 30 days ago, after)  It minimize the cost of the storage.


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